In most cases Formula one racing games are set in high-speed, closed courses with various challenges every race. The action becomes more exciting as the teams prepare for the race weekend by putting more effort into practice sessions. They will push each other to gain top speed and improve their skills. As they do so, the race venues develop and become even more challenging, making it even more exciting to watch. And when you’re looking for top speed, you’ll find that many of these high speed venues have long straights and chicanes at high speeds.

However, it’s not just about improving your skills and becoming faster than the competition; many players enjoy testing out their driving talent on the track, as well as getting some rare laps time. This means that you can often find some Formula one car speed records being broken at some of these tracks. Whether you’re looking to beat your personal record or simply enjoy trying to out-quick everyone else, some of the top-run tracks provide the opportunity.

A visit to Monza is a track that’s loved by many Formula one drivers and race car speed enthusiasts. The tight curves, chicanes and highly-structured surface provide everything from the thrills of Monza to the excitement of Formula One racing. And Monza is a track with plenty of long straights. That means that braking from high speed is extremely important, and Monza is renowned for it. With a wide range of braking options available and a great deal of track to master, this is a track where you can go fast, slow down, and then accelerate again – all on the same day!

Spa is another highly popular choice for Formula One fans. The tight track, high speed and low speed sectors offer a high amount of stability for advanced lap times and great thrills for any fan. The big drop into Silverstone is another high point of Spa weekends, and although it’s not for the beginner, the tight chicanes will challenge even the most skilled of Formula One drivers. One way to get your adrenaline pumping, however, is to visit the big race in Spa, which happens on the other side of Switzerland from London. This scenic drive over Spa is an iconic Formula One event and brings the speed of Spa to your home at the weekend.

Budapest is another great choice for race car speed fx. The streets are lined with expensive car brands, good restaurants and luxury hotels, making it a popular choice with visitors. The streets are also lined with narrow, tightly constructed turns and chicanes, which all add speed to any Formula One race. After Spa, there’s nothing more you want than to get on a plane and fly straight to London! For those who fancy taking a break in style, Budapest offers the luxury of a private jet and accommodation in the most luxurious hotels on the face of Europe.

Some of the most famous race car speeds are located in Spa, which is the ideal place to pick up some speed before hitting the open road in your Formula One car. Budapest, too, is another popular destination for F1 race car speed thrills. So make sure you leave plenty of time in your schedule to travel to these destinations in your Formula One car and to soak up the atmosphere and excitement as the races reach their crescendo in Spa.