Hakkinen GP Was Missing?

As an Italian and a racing fan, I must say I’ve never been to Italy but I’d always heard there were two famous races there – the Tirreno Alhambra and the San Gimignano – and the race known as the Hakkinen Grand Prix. But what race was it? Was it the fastest race of all

Mika Hakkinen’s Dream Come True

Mika Hakkinen is an endearing character; a calm and collected Finn taking on the much-feared Michael Schumacher in the most competitive season of his career and winning the World Championship. The story of Hakkinen’s comeback reads very much like a Hollywood movie, with the Finnish driver fighting back from a major life-threatening injury and then

The Legend Of Hakkinen

The first thing to consider is this: “Hakkinen was better.” Hate is an ugly word. And, while an unfair one, certainly an unfair to cast on a season which, ultimately, made such an historic first title win for the now iconic Mercedes-Benz alliance, a memorable first victory for Mika Hakkinen over three decades after his

Hakkinen’s Career

Mika Pauli, sometimes called “The Finnish Fastest One” is a Finnish former professional race driver. He won the F1 World Championship twice and held the record of most consecutive victories until Lewis Hamilton broke it at the end of 2020. He was also the 1998 and 1999 F1 World Champion and holds the record of

What Makes a Good Design

Just weeks after he announced his retirement from motor racing, Hakkinen came back to the scene of his two world championship wins with the McLaren MP4-13 and his first victory in the history of the sport. In just a few days, Hakkinen returned to his famous yellow car for the first time in a decade,