When homeowners are in the process of purchasing new window treatments, they often seem to forget about the garage. However, garages are a great spot for adding window treatments, such as blinds or shades, especially if you have a detached garage or large windows on the sides of your garage that allow others to see inside.

There are plenty of benefits to adding window treatments to your garage. For starters, they provide a bit of necessary privacy and light control, making them great for when you want to work on projects, protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays, or create your own, personal hobby space.

Secondly, window treatments can insulate your garage. If you don’t have an air conditioner in your garage, this can be extremely beneficial. Lastly, window treatments help bring a cohesive aesthetic together. Just because it’s a garage doesn’t mean it can’t look as good as the rest of your house, right?

No matter what type of garage you have, here are a few cheap blinds for windows that we highly recommend looking into.

Finding Durable but Cheap Blinds for Your Garage
Finding Durable but Cheap Blinds for Your Garage

Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds

If you need to cover a larger garage window or a few sliding doors, PVC vertical blinds are a great choice. The beauty of PCV vertical blinds is that they can cover larger sections of windows or doors. Beyond that, PVC is one of the most durable window treatment materials out there. You’ll have these window treatments for many years, even if you live in a very harsh climate.

These types of blinds open near effortlessly using a standard chain control or high-grade wireless motor control. There are plenty of colors to choose from as well, making it easy to fill in your space how you choose.

Cordless Aluminum Blinds

Durability and toughness are two things that you must definitely consider when looking to purchase window treatments for your garage. It is no question that garages are notorious for collecting dirt, dust, and grime. If you have a garage like ours, you’ll need to give it a good cleaning pretty often.

Cordless aluminum blinds come in handy in this situation. They utilize high-quality aluminum, meaning they won’t fade or chip, and they typically have an enamel finish for added strength. Similar to PVC blinds, aluminum blinds can withstand years of abuse before they ever require replacement.

The great thing about these blinds being cordless is that they are incredibly easy to operate. Simply move them up or down by pressing in the desired direction. The cordless option also makes these blinds much safer in homes where pets or children are present. Plus, there are plenty of colors to choose from as well, meaning you won’t have a difficult time finding the right style to fit your garage.

Where Can I Get High-Quality Blinds for My Garage?

One reason why people often put off buying window treatments is that they are quite expensive. However, if you look at the wide selection of high-quality yet affordable window treatments from Affordable Blinds, you will see otherwise.