2020: The New Hakkinen returned from his retirement and got his hands on a third consecutive title for the team, having won a record nine races in a row. However, with Ferrari being the most dominant team at the time, it seemed like Hakkinen’s reign at Ferrari was coming to an end.

2020: The Return of Hakkinen After a very short break, Hakkinen returned for the 2020 season and managed to finish just behind Ferrari, having beaten the Italian team by a solitary point, the first time the team had fallen to Hakkinen. Hakkinen then took his revenge against Ferrari by winning the final two races in a row and clinched his third consecutive title after a season long battle between the two rivals.

2020: Hakkinen is back at the top Hakkinen was not happy with his last outing at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he finished fourth, despite running on the soft tyres, which did not allow him much pace. This led to a change in his car for the European Grand Prix, where he chose the medium tyres, but managed to lose five positions to Kanaan.

2020: Hakkinen races with a fresh car Hakkinen raced with a different car for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Instead of running on the soft tyres, he chose to run on the medium ones. His results improved dramatically, and he ended up in fifth place, just missing out on the championship for the first time since 2020.

2020: The Ferrari vs. Hakkinen race – Ferrari takes the lead After the Abu Dhabi race, it was clear that Hakkinen had lost the battle with Ferrari, as the German driver had lost four times out of the seven races that had been contested between the two rivals. However, after the third race in Canada, Ferrari took the lead again, after the Brazilian overtook the Spaniard at the pit straight on the opening lap.

This time, the Japanese driver had to wait until the end of the race before being able to get past the Italian, with Hakkinen finishing in fourth and securing another podium for Ferrari. He then claimed that Ferrari would be able to win the championship again this year and become the best in Formula One.

2020: Ferrari wins the race The next race in Melbourne was one of the most difficult races for both drivers, as Ferrari took the lead after the pit stop, and Hakkinen had to deal with heavy rain to try and catch up. After taking a wrong line to try to overtake Kanaan at the start, the Japanese driver was left out, but managed to stay on the outside and overtake Ferrari on the penultimate lap, when his team-mate was unable to follow. Finally, after the final pit stop, Hakkinen was able to overtake Kanaan, and secured the victory.

Hakkinen was not only happy with the result, but also with the team that was responsible for his championship victory. “Ferrari has a good team, a great team, a very good group of drivers and a very fast car,” he said. “The main thing is that they have a good driver in Ferrari and good mechanics and engineers who know how to take care of their cars.”