As we know, the new concept for a Ferrari stretched to the limit of high tech sophistication. And as its development goes further into becoming reality, the design department takes the lead into designing the concept car. You can observe that the evolution of Ferrari has always had a strong design component in its history. And this is why, even before the car was revealed, the vogue concept road bike concept team were already working on their concept. Well, now it looks like they have finally achieved their goal and Ferrari’s design department has finally turned into one of the most advanced and creative in the whole world.

Building a Ferrari car is not an easy task to achieve for sure. This is why the whole team should work together, each one of them has a clear understanding regarding the goal and they are dedicated in making it happen. One of the most important things to remember is that the designers and engineers should collaborate well and they should be able to provide each other with constant feedback throughout the process. To achieve this, you must have an efficient design director and a very innovative and creative engineer who can provide the right information and the inspiration to get the job done.

Among the many innovations Ferrari introduced, the evoque concept road bike is the most radical one, and it was expected to revolutionize the bike industry. As the designer, Flavio Petrossi explains, “The main challenge was to make it as aerodynamic as possible. We tried several different solutions but none of them worked. But when we started incorporating carbon fibre into the body panels and downpipes, we saw a very nice effect which is the basis of our design.”

So, what is this revolutionary new concept road bike? Well, the concept is inspired by the Spa Grand Prix bike of Jean Baptiste Lebreton, the famous French motorbike racer. The body of the car is made out of carbon fibre, with the main structure made up of large hollow aluminum tubes. The carbon fibre is integrated on the entire car body structure, right from the headlight and the bottom bracket to the tail pipe and also the exhaust. The complete car is covered with a high-gloss black windscreen, so that the aerodynamics are accentuated. The high-modulus carbon fibre also absorbs sound, allowing the sound to be muffled while the car is running, without losing its own sound pollution.

Also part of the concept, is the ‘box’ which contains all the electronics and the data for the car. This box is then located under the car, so that the team can check out every aspect of the car’s performance during the test days. They can also control all the team members simultaneously through a central computer system. This makes it possible for them to alter the settings of the car on the fly, depending on the conditions of the race track.

With these innovative concepts, the designers now aim to put into practice a number of new ideas to make the car even more exciting. However, unlike the concept shown above, no real changes have been made to the basic layout of the car. All they have done is enhanced its aerodynamic features and raised the barometer for maximum speed. With the upcoming race season, the race car manufacturers will be doing everything possible to get their cars into the spotlight and to challenge the other manufacturers in creating fast, spectacular race cars.